Hello there! Happy Friday–hope you had an easy week! I am quite peppy this morning because our bags are packed and I’m ready for a weekend adventure with my two favorite guys. Fog has been full force lately, I’m turning into a cloud myself…in desperate need of sunshine! We decided to book a cute Airbnb in Healdsburg, home to two of our favorite wine labels, Unti and Banshee. We will be visiting both because well, our wine fridge is empty and that needs to change. If you haven’t been, they’re a must when in the area! We love spending time in the Healdsburg Plaza, a mandatory Healdsburg Shed visit, stopping in for tastings, and just enjoying the laid back, relaxed vibes of wine country. As promised (by a reader who sent a post request), I will be creating a new Healdsburg guide early next week, so stay tuned!

As I’m sure you know, there’s a protest/rally happening at Crissy Field on Saturday. We decided we’d rather not spend time around the neighborhood when it’s just two short blocks from us. We usually take Scout to play there every weekend morning, but rerouting to a much happier setting sounds a whole lot better. Ed Lee and SFPD are urging people to stay away from the area that day, as there may be violence. Gosh, so frustrating. Anyways, I heard that there’s also a group of people who are planning to take their dogs potty on the grass Friday night, and turning a blind eye so those protesters have themselves a nice surprise. I loved hearing that, haha.

Anyways, we out! Have a great weekend and if you live in San Francisco–be safe! xx

PS. Apologies for the nav menu, there’s a glitch after updating my platform…my designer is working on it as we speak.