Our New Sofa And A Few Home Updates

14 November

Coming home is the warm embrace you feel when walking through your front door. A cozy place of collected things that tell the story of your life, your adventures, your style. Home has never looked better as of lately, so I wanted to give you guys a little update! It’s been awhile since we caught up on this topic, hasn’t it? This year, without realizing it until recently, I’ve felt a disconnect with our place. I stopped maintaining, styling, rearranging…and that’s so unlike me.

“Stick to the things you really love. An honest room is always up to date.”

This realization came about after painting and redesigning our dining room. It quickly became our favorite room in our apartment, and our living room was a different story. After mapping out vision boards, I decided I wanted to keep an eye out for a new sofa. I loved the cognac (it was soft, cozy, and incredibly durable for pups), but it just didn’t feel right. It was also very close to the color of our floors which started to drive me nuts. It just wasn’t evoking the vibes that I’ve always aimed for when putting together a living room. I’ve always sworn by neutral and light foundations being the keys to ultimate comfort. I’m also very influenced/inspired by Parisienne/European interiors. I was dreaming up a big drapey-fabric-effortlessly-cool piece. Something warm, inviting, extremely comfortable. And then we found it.

This couch is the dream. Beyond its good looks and inspiring backstory, you’ll probably be shocked to hear (I know I was) that it’s an Amazon Prime item. Yes, as in 2-day shipping. Meet Flamant. After browsing their products on Amazon, researching the company’s history, and checking out their website, I knew this was it. The one thing our living room needed to bring back those vibes I’ve always craved to come home to.

Founder, Alex Flamant, grew up working in his father’s antique shop in Belguim over 35 years ago. He noticed how people loved his taste and were always wanting to buy items in sets, so he decided to start his own company. A reinterpretation of antique furniture and decorative objects, with care for master craftsmanship, beautiful materials, and enduring quality. Flamant’s collections are timeless, elegant, and tasteful. We’ve spent a lot of time on our couch cozied up over the weekend, and we both couldn’t stop going back and forth on how much we love it.

It’s about the same length as our last couch, but six inches deeper, which has been amazing. It’s soft, fluffy, but also keeps its shape, which is important to me. No one likes a sloppy looking couch. I also just think it looks so much better with our wall color. They were like this when we moved in and I’m not the biggest fan of the warm undertone. I actually painted two previous apartments a shade of gray, but it was a lot lighter and cooler so never looked beige. Our new couch is slightly lighter and a similar color, which actually looks really nice and cohesive.

We want to add a bigger accent chair (thinking a deep navy velvet piece) in the bay window area and move the current one to the left side of the TV. Also, please excuse the white TV stand, it’s an old console (almost too small for the TV, oops) that I’m planning to sell once we find a pretty antique cabinet to take its place. I also want to add a few bold pops of color to the couch with pillows, eventually change up our lighting to something more dynamic, and maybe add one more plant near the windows as well.

Okay, on to the best part, the photos…

Sofa |  Flamant (also love this)
Side Tables | West Elm
Mineral Lamp | Safavieh
Marble Coffee Table | Houzz
Accent Pillow | Archive New York
Wooden Console Table | Candelabra
Brass Mirror | Anthropologie
Accent Chair | West Elm
Mudcloth | St. Frank

When we were moving some things out of the way before the couch arrived, we discovered that our acrylic console looked amazing under the window in our dining room. It’s such a pretty view when walking down the hall to the kitchen. We sold our bar cart while back and have missed having one, so we made this the designated beverage area. The only thing missing now is a big neutral-hued vintage rug. I need to make my way over to Alameda Flea Market soon!

Mudcloth Tray |  St. Frank
Accent Pillows | Serena & Lily
Acrylic Console | Safavieh