A Week in Paris

    Just looking at these photos makes me miss it dearly. What an incredible trip. I am sure you couldn’t tell I was having a hay day if you follow me on Instagram… every inch of that city is photogenic, I swear. We arrived in Paris on Monday, July 13th bright and early, cabbed to our Airbnb, took a few to freshen up, and headed out the door with bright eyes and a perpetual grin (that I think lasted the entire trip). Like I’ve shared before, I had never been to Europe — so being surrounded by the beauty that I’ve read about, seen in pictures, and dreamt about really felt surreal to me. Paris is beyond magical and I can honestly say it brought out feelings I’ve never felt before. I was so in love with life on another level, my sidekick and best friend, the beauty around us, and I felt so inspired every second we spent abroad.

    After a tough few months of work and anticipating vacation, we decided we wanted this trip to be all about relaxing, exploring, and living like locals (minus a few walks past some touristy sights). Our days consisted of a nice sleep in, a walk to espresso, lots of cafe sitting, indulging in delicious food (cheese, bread, wine, rose diet), and sun soaking. My love for photography came more to life than ever before, and Matt’s photo skills also blew me away. It was perfect. Saint Germain is an absolute dream and was better than I imagined it. The Parisians have it good — their lifestyle is my jam; sitting at cafe’s for hours on end, sipping on vino and espresso, reading in the sun by water fountains, and soaking up life right before their eyes.


    One of my favorite memories upon our arrival was walking the streets and just taking in everything. I have this thing for attention to detail, and Paris has mastered it. THE VINES everywhere made me so happy, so much greenery.


    I will be posting more soon re: spots you must check out, and our fondest memories during the 5 days we spent in Paris soon. xx