A Week in Paris, France | Part II

    These photo bring back so much happiness, so I’m excited to share with you some of our week in Paris highlights. Like I mentioned in my first post about our trip, we spent the majority of the time wandering, eating, drinking, and taking in the beauty that covers every inch of the city. I wanted to share our favorites in case you’re planning a trip soon, because everything we did that week was amazing. I’m just in love with that place — here are my recommendations!
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    Café de Flore
    Our first stop when we arrived bright in early one morning was to Cafe de Flore. A cafe where Hemmingway used to sit for hours writing, and people watching – was exactly what we wanted upon arrival. We had coffee and red wine (my kind of brunch), a cheese plate, and watched the world go by. This is one of the most famous cafe’s in Paris, so think it’s a great spot for that reason alone — it was definitely an experience that kicked off our trip perfectly. (Instagram shot here)Saint Germain
    This neighborhood was on my radar for quite some time. “The Marina” of Paris had my attention (clean, lots going on, shops, cafe’s, etc.), so we booked our Airbnb right in the heart of it all, and it was SUCH a good decision. We were a block away from one of my favorite streets where we spent a lot of our time. I highly highly recommend using Airbnb in Paris — it was so fun to feel like a local on our quaint little street – so accessible to everything we wanted to check out.Bianco Pizzeria
    A friend of ours recommended we check out this street in Paris (Rue Montorgueil), and we loved it. Similar to Saint Germain – it was bustling and beautiful. A pizza sign called our names, and we sat front row to people watch while we sipped delicious rosé on that warm parisian day, and indulged in a margarita pizza. Definitely recommend this spot. (Instagram shot here)Cafe Kitsuné
    I saw a lovely Instagrammer I follow post about this spot and was intrigued by it’s delicious looking coffee and amazing branding (always gets me). We ended up going here twice because 1) they offer take away coffee, which isn’t common in Europe and 2) very good Cafe con leche 3) it sat alongside a beautiful park and palace that was so lovely to walk around with our coffees, soak up some sun, and snap some frame-worthy pics. 🙂 (Instagram shot here and here)Freddy’s
    This open front wine bar is located in a little alley in the streets of Saint Germain. The bar welcomes you with beautifully lit interiors, and as soon as we saw the wine pouring we stepped right in and made ourselves comfortable. We discovered that it was a couple months old, and a sister to a bakery, cheese shop, and winery! They have the right idea. We really enjoyed our time here, and the wine was delicious.Il Gelato del Marchese
    We were actually en route to another gelato spot when passing by this adorable place. The impeccable decor (drenched in whites, ivories, gold, and light gray hues), attention to every detail, and delicious sounding flavors stopped us dead in our tracks and we paid an extra 5 Euros to sit there and enjoy our ice cream (haha — Matt loved this.) I got pistacio (a theme during our trip/always) so good, must try. I seriously wanted to move in. (Instagram shot here, here, and here)Ralph’s
    Our favorite meal of the trip. We got all dressed up, went to Le Hibou (see below) for a bottle of rosé beforehand, and walked our way over to the Ralph Lauren restaurant. It was superb. The food, service, ambiance was beyond words — we enjoyed every minute. We got the crisp chicken (which was a special) with lemon, and a delicious side salad, the veggie burger (still dreaming of this), french fries, sautéed spinach, and one of the best red wines (Saint Emilion) we had on our trip. This is a must while in Paris.

    Le Hibou
    This cafe was an easy favorite. The setting itself is worth spending time in. We went here before dinner and ordered the Pink Flamingo Rosé — (good choice Matt — you get me) and enjoyed a 75 degree warm evening. I wanted to come back here before we left, but we ended up not having time. I feel like if I lived in Saint Germain, this would be a my local spot. (Instagram shot here)

    Clearly, Paris was my favorite and a life changing trip — I cannot wait to go back and think everyone should be able to spend at least a week there with someone they love. It’s just perfect. xx