Morning! Hope your weekend was relaxing and Monday has been treating you well so far. This post is a more of a dream board than a vision board, only because my other half would not be thrilled with this much pink moving in. However, my eyes have been gravitating to this hue so it was fun regardless to curate! But seriously considering no.three, a little pink never hurt anyone, right? I’ve been on a major decor kick lately. Per usual it happens all at once, and I am super inspired to move things around so I’ve been doing just that. While Matt watched Game of Thrones last night, (I just don’t get it, why does everyone except for me love that show? tell me what I’m missing) I had a vision and when this happens…watch out, girl on a mission coming through.

I moved our bar cart back to its original spot (where I recently had that console table below the big palm leaf print) and the console will go in the entryway. I feel like I’m over the console, though… the wood is a little different than the rest of our rustic wood pieces and is throwing off the look. We just got them over the holidays (just cheap options from Target), but thinking I am going to sell them and up the game on that piece a bit.

Besides the pops of pink that I think will just have to live on my Pinterest boards – I’m wanted to add a few fun decor pieces to tabletops. It’s one thing I think I need to work on. I love a perfectly styled shelf or coffee table, so thinking we’re needing a few little details. Obsessed with Hollywood Regency vibes, quirky character, and always brass and lucite. If you have any amazing shops online, please do share! I am always stalking Furbish Studio, Coconut Room, and Chairish… but would love to know any other gems.

Here’s to adding a fun pop to every day this week! x

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