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    In the past few months I have cleaned out my closet 3 times. I swear to you somehow it hasn’t made a dent, and I have no idea how because all three times have been a mass execution! I was in the mood today to do some premature spring cleaning, and had read an article somewhere that said if you haven’t worn something in the past 5 months- donate it. Well, my little sister is pretty pleased with the text image I sent her of the oversized bag flooding with clothes that now belong to her. I could honestly add on more to that pile, but it’s always a little scary narrowing down your closet- we will touch back on the cleanse once we stock up on some newness.

    I made a decision today that I am going to completely rebuild my wardrobe. It’s no joke when I say it needs help. I used to have a lot more time to be thoughtful with my purchases, but I’ve been so lazy and it shows when I am trying to get ready in the morning and when I leave the apartment. I have my time back (some exciting news coming soon), and am so excited to start fresh in so many ways, but lets stay on track: closet- you’re up!

    So that said, I want to share my process with you. I am about to turn 28 (um full on adult, no excuses anymore I don’t think…), and I want my wardrobe to reflect where I am in life. I want to feel put together for the most part wherever I go, so the solution is simple: clear out the cheap shit, donate the worn down, and make room for staples, evergreen classics, and nice pieces that I feel compelled to own. I will call this segment Style Edit so stay tuned to what we are shopping for first!

    Have you gone through this closet intervention? How do you strategize with shopping, and building a wardrobe your proud of? Would love to know!


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    • Good for you! I did the same thing recently and it feels GOOD. It helps to not even go into Zara/h&m/Forever 21 so you’re not convinced that you need something from there since it’s cheap, but rather to think strategically and plan your purchases. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

      • Yes! It’s the best feeling. I think I may need to do just one more run through soon, but for the most part I’m committed to making sure going forward I am in love with everything. I want to be excited about getting dressed every day!

        I hope you have a lovely weekend, Whitney! x

    • Such a great post, I should detox my closet

      • It feels so good once you just do it. It’s easier to figure out what you need going forward which is the fun part. 🙂 xx

    • clara mcmillan

      Such a fabulous post!

      God bless,

      XO, Claire

      • Thanks, Claire! Excited to get my shopping on now to build it back to it’s full potential, haha 🙂 I hope you have a great Monday! x

    • Dani Butler

      You have to read the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up….it really is life changing! It did wonders for my closet (and savings account) and helps prevent me from making purchase that I will later regret. It is a quick read…and a must!

      Excited to see more of these posts!

      • Ow, this sounds awesome- I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the recommendations, I love a good quick inspiring read 🙂 I hope you have a great Monday, Dani! x

    • Emily Farina

      I turned 28 a few months and felt the same way – I’m an adult now, I need my closet to reflect that! When going through my closet and considering which items to get rid of my yardstick was “Would I be embarrassed if someone from work/my professional life saw me wearing this?”. If the answer was yes (cheap, worn out, dated, trashy, too-young) then I put it in my ‘donate’ or ‘trash’ pile. Framing my clothes in that way made it easier to part with some pieces that I had an attachment to but they really had no place in my 28-year old closet. It’s much better to open your closet and know that you can pull out anything and feel confident in it, rather than sort through crappy stuff to get to the good pieces. I suggest looking into Capsule Wardrobes as well, I wrote two posts about trying them out that myself – & Then comes the best part, filling the new gaps with new clothes!

      • It feels so good to only own items you wear, and totally makes it easier in the morning. I would forget about stuff I had because of all the clutter! Thank you for sharing your capsule posts, love!!