Reflecting on 2017

    Last week I attended a holiday lunch with a bunch of lovely creative ladies in the city. We went around the table to share our 2017 high/low and our intentions for 2018, which inspired this post! I thought this was a perfect format for a post I was already planning, to reflect a bit on this past year and share some of my personal and professional goals as well. So, let’s do this. If you want to share yours in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

    We’ll start with the low

    { Professional } I’ve been thinking about the aspects of my job that propel me forward creatively and the parts that tend to weigh on me. One thing is for certain in 2018, I need to just flow with my own process and be kinder to myself. To be honest, this year was pretty challenging for me. Mainly because I felt a lot of pressure– mostly from myself. Guilt sets in if I’m not always “on” creatively. I doubted myself and my work more than ever before. I questioned my value. I let negative words sting me. At times I felt like I was swimming upstream to keep up. The critic in my head had much more to say than usual and somehow always outweighed any healthy, positive affirmations. Somehow the pressure, comparison game, and being a one-woman show got the best of me and I forgot to take care of myself along the way. The crazy part about what I went through, is that I allowed it to go on. I didn’t put my foot down and block out the bad thoughts. Just writing this all out makes me sad! We’re better than that…

    { Personal } I’d say from spring to the end of summer is when I felt the most out of touch with myself creatively. The longest rut I’ve ever been through. It was challenging personally because I live for being creative, it makes me feel the happiest and the most me. On top of that, it’s my job to create, so losing that momentum made me question my work. It wasn’t the healthiest mental state, to say the least. I feel like it’s always difficult to get yourself out of this rabbit hole of doubt once you’re deep enough, especially when you’re at a total loss of why am I here.

    The High(lights)

    { Professional } The high was when my cloudy mind finally cleared earlier this fall. Difficult experiences only make you stronger and wiser. I realized the reason I fell off track was that I felt a disconnect with how the social media space has evolved. I’ve always felt very natural moving with the changes, but Instagram, in particular, is a whole new beast these days. Although I ran into a few digital hiccups, it allowed me to reshift my focus back on why I started my blog. Also, my blog is so much more meaningful to me than anything I share on Instagram. It taught me that I need to have more self-compassion and be more accepting of my own process. It taught me that it’s OK not to feel natural with social media’s evolution all the time. To take it as an opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. In 2018, I’m allowing myself to operate at my own pace and acclimate to new changes as they come in my own way.

    { Personal } In the grand scheme of things, I feel incredibly lucky for all the wonderful in my life; the little family of my own, our family and friends, the city we get to call home, good health. Through any obstacle or struggle I face, I am kept sane and happy because of all of the light and love surrounding me. So thank you { you know who you are } for being there for me, and listening to me vent through those tough months. And thank you, my dear friends, who visit Brunch on Chestnut regularly! I truly believe I have the best readers who are incredibly kind and supportive.

    My Intentions for 2018

    My intention is to slow down and enjoy life. I plan to create content that sets Brunch on Chestnut apart. I plan to focus on only things that bring positivity and happiness into my life. To spend less time behind the screen. To read much more. To be more active (I know this is a typical resolution, but I mean it!). I want to uncomplicate things by honing in on what really matters and letting go of the rest. I’d like to go back to meditating on a weekly basis to maintain a clear mind. Life is too short not to be our best selves, so we’ve gotta have self-compassion and nurture our minds. 2018, I’m ready and excited for you.

    We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. –Buddah

    What are your 2018 intentions?


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    • Amira

      Ash, you are a beautiful soul and watching you and your brand evolve and grow this past year has been really special. You’re so honest, connected to yourself and kind/appreciative of your readers. I hope in 2018 you’ll push doubt aside and know that your creativity is really unique and adored by many.

      The part about being kinder to yourself next year and not forgetting to take care of you along the way is something that resonates with me and is what I’ll be focusing on myself in the next year.

      Cheers to 2018 ❤️

      • Could you be any sweeter?! Thank you so much. I feel really great about this year and am excited to stay focused on the important things. I am also truly grateful for how genuinely kind and supportive you’ve always been, lucky to have people like you connect with my blog. Have a wonderful 2018, Amira!

    • Alexis

      I agree with you on so many points. Looking forward to a new year and focusing on the things that really matter. xx

    • Faith

      I’m working on speaking what I want into existence. The last few years have been difficult so I had no expectations for 2017 mostly due to fear of disappointment. This year, I’m ready to have hope again and to to go after what I want without fear of being let down.

      I hope that you realize that your work is loved and admired. I look forward to your posts and may not comment on every post but I certainly read them all and appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into them. I’m looking forward on continuing to follow Brunch on Chestnut and hope that you get all the creative juju and no ruts next year!

      • As always, Faith, I am so appreciative of your continued support. It’s always so great to hear from you! I think that it’s amazing you’re taking control this year to go after what you want… I am sure you will succeed with how positive and lovely you are. 🙂 Have a wonderful 2018 – lots of love! x