Relaxing Evening Ritual

    Each day after work is different for me, but the ideal evening before slipping into sweats looks something like this. Cozied up at home, in something comfortably cute, immersing myself in a beautiful coffee table book, browsing my favorite online shops, sipping on rosé, and enjoying background music. These nights with no to-do list are a breath of fresh air.

    I feel empowered when I actually have the time to relax and do things that make me happy. This past week after our new rug arrived (swoon – more details coming this week), I decided to hang out in our living room with my favorite playlist on, new kicks in lieu of slippers, and opened up ‘Eat Drink Nap’, because who could resist the pages of that title? It was the loveliest day – warm, no winds, and all sunshine.

    My current evening ritual includes // my ‘inspired’ playlist from my Spofity (username: brunchonchestnut), an always favorite candle, reading this book cover to cover, all with a comfy setting I made for myself and a glass of wine. Do something like this a couple times a week, and tell me you don’t feel more relaxed at the end of a long day!

    Evening Ritual

    What does your evening ritual look like?

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    Love this post!

    Thanks, Alexa! 🙂 I hope you have a fun weekend!! xx

    Yay! The photos turned out great!! xoxo

    Thank youuuu!!!!