How to Dress Like a San Franciscan

14 September

If you’re familiar with San Francisco’s (at times) testy forecast and unpredictable ways, I’m sure you can agree with me there’s no point in picking out tomorrow’s outfit. It takes a little more work than relying on a weather app…I typically have to stick my head out the window to gauge the temps since it tends to shift so quickly! That may leave some of you scratching your head with the daunting task of packing for a trip to SF, so I thought I would share with you my dressing tips for this time of year, and each season for this month’s partnership with Old Navy in celebration of their #50Styles50States campaign.

Lucky for you if you’re coming soon, it’s a very short and sweet time of year right now: Indian Summer has finally decided to grace us with its presence! Warmth, we’ve been waiting. Knock on wood, it’s supposed to be beautiful now through the end of October! It’s a little easier to pull out a few warmer pieces, show some skin and soak in that much-appreciated summer sun. Here are a few things to know about what to wear in San Francisco and my tips for always being prepared when in town.




Top | Old Navy
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I couldn’t live without my striped tee, cropped denim, simple slides, straw bag, and leather jacket

Casual encouraged.

There’s a reason why the city is known for yoga pants dotted along the streets and Patagonia vests galore. We’re all about that laidback California lifestyle; we’re casual, we’re active, we enjoy and appreciate how our neighborhoods are walking distance to most things we need. So bring a few of your favorite casuals for early morning coffee runs. Even on nights going to dinner is a lot different than going to dinner in LA. A simple heel, skinny jeans, and a fun blouse are all you really need.

Weekday style.

My weekday wear is close to my weekend style, but a little more basic. My obsession with cropped denim continues paired with a casual top and simple sandals. I think I can thank living in San Francisco, for my love for effortless attires.

After work happy hour.

Since the weather has been a little bit nicer lately, I can work with a long jumpsuit paired with a leather jacket or a pair of skinny jeans and a blouse. My tip is to always (always) bring a warm jacket at night. It’s very rare we see a warm evening, even on days that happen to hit 80!

Weekend style.

Where all the fun comes out. I love to whip out swing dresses (caution with the wind), short rompers, denim cut-offs, and fun summer tops. During our Indian Summer, we usually are pretty lucky with sunshine and a solid 70º for a couple of weeks, so I try and take advantage of my summer pieces as much as I can. For weekends, I will always bring along a denim jacket and a light scarf tied to my bag, just in case.

*Take note of the weather report the week before your trip and just know that it will be around the temperature, but based on the fog, wind, etc. it could fluctuate. That’s why layers are key. 

“Seasons” in San Francisco

Indian Summer

Now through October. We usually expect an average of 70º in this month(ish) timeframe. Usually, you’ll see sunshine most days, but even on a more cloudy day, the air will be a little warmer and not as crisp. Think summer dressing with a light jacket or sweater just in case.


End of October–mid-December. Personally, my favorite time of year in San Francisco! It’s not too cold until we reach mid/end of December, but allows us to pull out our new boots, suede, and leather pieces. Like I’ve mentioned, plan on layers, but know it won’t be annoyingly freezing. I tend to go more neutral in these months, with some pops of navy, Bordeaux, and jewel tone hues.


December–February. My birthday is the first week of March, and I swear it’s right on the cusp of when SF starts to bloom into spring and the weather starts to perk up. Sometimes it’s raining on my birthday and chilly, sometimes it’s 70º. I told you…unpredictable! Pack those peacoats, boots, and scarves! Love me some black layers.


March–Fogust, I mean August. Similar to how I dress in fall, but with a more light and colorful approach. Still a bit chilly for your standard spring, but you see some beautiful days, so pack with layers in mind! Seeing a theme here? I tend to bust out sandals as early as I can (without toes freezing off) and push the summery vibes as much as possible, but sadly, jackets will be needed in most occasions.

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you ever need packing tips! x

Thank you Old Navy for collaborating on this feature.