Saved on Instagram | No. 01

    I am so happy Instagram created the ‘save’ feature. I love being able to collect images, people, places, recipes, ideas, anything at all you fancy (like pinning!). Back in the day, I would just screenshot things and as you can imagine, they’d get lost in the shuffle. It’s nice how you can create different collections too by category, to keep things organized. I’m pretty selective with adding newbies to my library of saves, only things that really capture my attention. I like to revisit them every so often when I am needing a visual pick me up and it’s a good way to see the mood I’ve set for the month. I sometimes screenshot and share my grid roundup on Instagram stories, more for the purpose of a peek into color schemes and things that I find pretty, but I get a lot of messages when I do, so thought I would elaborate in a monthly post. Where they came from, why I love them, and some potential new follows you for, too!

    Starting from the top, working our way down from left to right…

    1. @thefashionmedley
    I’m always drawn to simple styling– love this shot of her home. I have also been on the hunt for a light fixture like that, so maybe that’s what led me to save this.

    2. @charliemay
    You may have picked up over the years I love a good direct-sunlight shot. I also have a thing for the perfect combination of simple meets statement jewelry.

    3. @suegiers
    I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Sue’s account, a fashion consultant based in Hamburg, Germany, but her style is to die. See # 4 for more thoughts.

    4. also @suegiers
    I love her apartment! The colors, quirk, charm captivated my attention.

    5. @artofdrinks
    I mean if you come across a neon pink cocktail recipe, you bookmark it.

    6. @jessalizzi
    I love this girl’s style, but it’s no wonder why…. she’s an Aussie.

    7. @lifeofboheme
    Per usual, something so simple as a shot of beauty products shuffled around a dresser has me heart-eyed. Love the warm and chic aesthetic this one is always sharing.

    8. @camillecharriere
    I have been following Camille for years and years. She’s inspiring me more than ever right now and has been working with some of my absolute favorite design labels. I need this dress and those boots RN.

    9. @haleboyd
    …Is like a 90’s Barbie doll. As you may know, she’s the creative director for Marais, so there’s no shortage of style and shoe inspiration galore.

    10. @livpurvis
    Love her and all her content but really saved this one to remind me to smell Gabrielle when I can. Mademoiselle has been a staple of mine for over a decade.

    11. @lucywilliams
    Lucy’s travel photos lately have been so autumnal/warm and fuzzy/perfect.

    12. @barlowandbarlow
    This photo doesn’t belong to them, but they have plenty of interior design inspiration if that’s the kind of thing you like to see on your feed!

    Who/what is inspiring you? xx

    2 months ago

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    • love posts like this! i always get introduced to new people i love following!!