Sézane just keeps getting better with age. I classify this pretty Parisian label alongside the Loeffler Randall shoes in my closet and the Céline accessories I will never part ways with. Timeless, classic, and the items you reach for with excitement. One other note about the brand in case you’re just meeting her– everything is so reasonably priced. Their obsession with perfect cuts is clear to me, just look at these sweaters! I am so smitten with the new collection, so I had to share…

    Amara Cardigan | $164

    Ziggy Perfecto Leather Jacket | $530

    Lena Jumper (must have) | $130

    Ceara Jumper (need) | $125

    Cuzco Shirt | $100

    If you had to pick three brands you couldn’t live without, which would they be?

    10 months ago

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    • weird- I was just going back to your home page to scroll through posts I had missed this week and your new popped up OF COURSE being about one of my favorite shops! I need to just order something from Sezane already it is all too good

      • Love it. 🙂 I know, I always bookmark her pieces… I need several things from this new collection. The little fringe sweater is ridiculous!

    • Stephanie Castillo

      Such a lovely collection, I love Sezane so timeless and Parisian Chic!


      • Right? Everything is just so thoughtful and perfect.

    • Oh I adore Sezane. I have a blouse with the buttons in the back that I love, a cardigan, and a classic cashmere v-neck. Every is so classic but unique, and such great quality!

      • Ah, sounds like such a good collection you have going on over there! She’s the best.

    • caroline

      Love every bit of it! I think my main issue with Sezane is that I get totally paralyzed by indecision—I can’t afford all of it, and I know I’m risking something selling out by not getting it, so I narrow it down and end up deciding to wait. But it happens every time. So many pretty things!

      • I completely agree with that! It is very hard to narrow it down… each piece is so unique! I just made an order earlier this week and it took me an hour to check out. AND then I had fomo thinking about if a new collection came in and then I already ordered. #realworldproblemsitellya