Name to Know: Staud

11 months ago

Hi, happy Saturday! I wanted to pop in real quick to profess my love for Staud. They are undoubtedly in my top five favorite labels of the moment and I thought some praises should be sung (and while things are still on sale). Over the past month (in anticipation of wearing summer clothes next week) I’ve cultivated a few pieces and I am so blown away by the quality, fit, and just how amazing they are in person.

I got this ivory dress (I am usually a size 4 with a 32C bust and I would even maybe go up a size in it) and this red dress. The ivory linen is a dream (also comes in black). I see myself wearing this all spring and summer and for wedding events, too! The red dress only had size 2 left so I went for it and it actually fits like a glove. Note to self: their sizing is a bit off for me, so need to remember that for future orders. It is seriously the most fun and charming dress ever and incredibly flattering! One major thing to note here is to keep tabs on your favorite designer’s websites and sales! Way cheaper than the same style on other retailers… and when I got them most sizes were still in stock.

I also caved to the well-loved Shirley bag. To be honest, it was one of those things I loved when I first laid eyes on it, but then started to see it pop up everywhere so I hesitated. But I continued to think about it and all of the fun concert outings we would have (hello, perfect stadium bag) and beach days and I thought, what the hell. I also fell in love with this stunning beaded bag. The white and wooden beads against the black and the fringe… it just spoke to me and that sale price tag made it an easy¬†decision. When snapping these photos yesterday, I realized my two new bags are pretty darn cute together, too! All my Staud babes are getting packed in my suitcase so you’ll probably be seeing more of them soon. xx