Tangerine Honey-blossom Fizz

    I’ve been in an experimental/crafty/creative mood lately – I think it’s the change in season inspiring me to freshen up my projects and try a few new things. This time of year just really does it for me! Always a good feeling as it means more content, and fun times with my camera in the kitchen. As you know, wine is my go-to. Crafting cocktails is not the norm over here – it’s one of those things that seem a little intimidating, but just like cooking, practice makes perfect.  I wanted a recipe that could take us from one season to the next, and this tasty sip is just that. Plus, it’s officially tangerine season! A burst of bright flavor and a decadent orange-blossom honey, paired with gin and sparkling water to kiss summer farewell.

    Ingredients (1 cocktail)

    2 tangerines
    1 tsp honey
    1 shot of gin
    1/4 cup sparkling water
    1 tbsp simple syrup

    Enjoy! x

    Written by:
    10 October