The Coziest Buys For Fall and Winter

    Although I am a self-professed (sometimes overly) cheery morning person (old roommates/Matt would attest), I still opt for bringing the bed with me when I can when the temps start to drop. The grump in me really only comes out if I’m cold…

    This may also mean I’m 100% on board with the whole PJ { out in public } trend, I mean why not commend a trend that allows lazy?! I’m a creature of comfort and live for layers that feel like I’m wrapped in a blanket when the brisk air hits. I’m starting to grasp why people tell me I’d never make it in Chicago (when I’ve entertained the idea of moving there). Just thinking about 50º in San Francisco gives me the chills. As I get older, the less I can tolerate being chilly, so a thick lamb-like piece atop 4 layers is my answer. Professing that I’m a wimp, while we’re at it…

    My eyes have been lighting up at the many sights of shearling and faux fur taking over the interwebs by storm. I’ve always been a big fan of shearling. You may remember me wear my camel/shearling vest nonstop last year. I’m now on the lookout for something similar but a little heftier– decision making begins now…



    Velvet and suede are also making a major appearance on the sartorial menu. The softer (and shinier) the better, and bonus points if you’re a decadent hue of Bordeaux. I also have my eye on patrol for a perfectly bronzed velvet blazer. If you spot one let me know!



    I have more than enough on my wish list, making it quite hard to choose. I need your help… which are your favorites in the shearling/fur departments? This one seems hard to say no to….

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    5 months ago