Tunes Vol. 1 | Spring ’17

    If you follow me on Spotify, Instagram or/and my newsletter, you’ve probably noticed I have been sprucing up my albums on Spotify. I used to share playlists regularly (a few more here, here and here), and because I’ve been so inspired by new tunes added to my library recently, I wanted to start sharing them again.

    I have always thought of myself as a big music buff. I love the feeling I get the moment when discovering a new band or song, and there’s nothing quite like going to see a band you adore live. Since meeting Matt and learning about his love for music, I kind of stepped back since I quickly realized it was his thing. He is always showing me songs I quickly become obsessed with, including many songs from my new spring playlist– he’s definitely my biggest musical influence, and I have no complaints with him being my forever DJ.

    So, I hope you enjoy this one! It’s going to continue to grow, so be sure to tune in and enjoy your Sunday!


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    12 months ago