Celebrating 27 in Pebble Beach, California

    I was sifting through the archives this afternoon, and I always find myself looking through this album from my birthday this year in Pebble Beach. It was right when I got my new camera (Canon Rebel) and took a road trip to stay at a good friends house down there. It was one of my favorite weekends/birthdays to date, and the memories that come back into mind are never going to be forgotten.

    Spa day, delicious food, golf, wine, sunset, and views — topped off with the best of friends around, it was a picture perfect weekend. As I get older I appreciate these kinds of laid back days, weekend trips, and appreciating the world around me. It’s fun looking back on times like these that bring you back to how you felt when you were there. Super happy. I can’t wait until we take another trip to Pebble Beach in the future. If you haven’t been you must!

    The Beach and Tennis Club is beyond dreamy. It sits right on the water, over looking a beautiful pool (reminded me of Iceberg’s in Australia).  The entire restaurant wall is a window overlooking the ocean as well, and the food was impeccable. I had no idea what was coming when my friend’s boyfriend reserved us a table there while the guys played golf. I was in heaven. Oh, and these drinks below — SO GOOD. I love the pretty summer colors and vibes from the photos that weekend.

     What’s been some of your stand out memories so far this year? Would love to hear! xx