Sunday Edit No.1

    Hello, weekend! Matt and I are going to head off on a quick run before driving up to Napa for the day. We are going to Silverado Resort & Spa for the PGA Tour Safeway Open! So excited to spend a day in the sun and watching the tournament. I will be sharing some behind the scenes today on Instagram so if you’re interested, come follow along. Also, (yay) fleet week is here for us San Franciscans. Lots of fun to be had outside and in the sun!

    As you probably have picked up, I put a pause on ‘Weekend Moments’, a series I used to share every Monday that highlighted things we did/things that inspired me/recipes we tried, etc. It eventually lost my interest but I wanted to recreate something where I could continue to share tidbits of what’s inspiring me but also make sure it comes with little more value (although our every Friday ritual of ordering pizza and opening a wine club wine is v. interesting, I know).

    So here we have it: Sunday Edit. I thought it would be fun to break it down by verticals on here, which also may help you get to know how to navigate my blog better for things you’re looking for!

    In style…

    I shared this post earlier this week on fall accessories that you can rework in every which way. Speaking of style, have you noticed that I have been sharing more outfit posts? Do you enjoy those? I feel like whenever I am in front of the camera people connect a bit more and comment/engage, so it’s something I am trying to do more of. I am feeling a lot more comfortable with photos now with this past year of practice. Let me know what you’d like to see more of. 🙂

    In beauty…

    NARS’s fall collection has some of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen. I live for a peachy blush hue (well, when I actually decide to wear blush) and this one is perfect. I also am excited to share that Le Labo just launched a spanking new bath and body line! I got this shower gelthis body creamthis lip balm, and this camphor balm (cooling balm for stress…will be taking this with me on flights).

    In interior design…

    Complete and utter # homegoals at Anine Bing’s Spanish style home in Los Angeles.

    In life…

    I picked up a new habit that is giving me life. I have never been a runner, in fact I hated it and avoided it like the plague. However, I wanted to take a break from classes, as those $30 rack up, and tried to find ways to get into the groove, to give myself a chance to see if I actually enjoy it. It turns out, once you get your body used to a new activity, it makes it so much easier and I’m addicted now. I wake up everyday, quickly check emails to make sure there’s nothing urgent, and then I autopilot into workout gear. I run a mile and a half with Scout (we’re working our way up!) and end at coffee and walk home to get started on the workday. It’s changing my body (feeling so much more lean and in-shape than I have in a long time), my metabolism, my attitude and positivity, productivity, and overall happiness. I bet a lot of you are thinking no-shit-sherlock, but I had to share because something so small (25 min of my day) has turned things around for me in a major way and it feels so good.

    In travel…

    As I mentioned here, we are starting to map out wine country trips, a road trip to LA, and New Years Eve. On the calendar so far, we are trying to nail down a date for Hotel Yountville (which just got a little facelift) and we have Hotel Les Mars in Healdsburg booked in December.


    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! In case you missed it, I made this playlist and it’s perfect for weekend fun!

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    5 months ago