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    I have a bad habit of getting into a weekend mindset on Friday, hours before I technically should. I wake up happy, inject some caffeine, and think to myself, so what shall we do first! I recently snapped a short video and captioned it “Saturday situation”. Quickly following the inaccurate and embarrassing statement, I received a text from Matt – ‘Ash, just saw your snap, it’s not Saturday…” I think this has to do with my new boss (yours truly, whose super lax on Fridays apparently), but also because ARE lax. It’s called ‘casual Friday’ for a reason! Hello, jeans, shorter hours, wine at the office (even if it’s via tea cup). Anyways, my point is, there’s something in the air on Friday – like the first shift into spring; from freezing temps to chilly mornings that bloom into warm afternoons – you know you’re in for a treat once you get past the blustery chill, 9-4 day.

    Brunch on Chestnut | Weekend Reading

    I’m happy today because guess where I’m going this weekend? Back up to wine country, where I belong. We have a wedding to attend, some wine to be sipped, and some new shoes to wear. I thought I would leave the blog for the weekend on a high note (while getting ahead of myself, as this is goin’ up on a Thursday) – by sharing a few things to read (below) when you have some downtime, or in my case when I’m sitting in the passenger seat on our way to Napa.


    week·end •ˈwēkˌend/ 1. the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening, especially regarded as a time for leisure.


    • This article proves that my theory is 100% accurate and that being a rosé critic is okay. The Covetuer will back me up – the lighter the rosé, the better. I don’t mind how strange waiters think I am when I ask them which rosé is closest to the light peachy shade I need. It’s foolproof. No bright pinks or red here.

    • Let’s face it, we all want to dress, act, and wine-it-up like the French and we’ll try and emulate some of their ubiquitous je ne sais quoi while we’re at it. Read the French Girls Guide to Entertaining here for some inspiration if you have a dinner party coming up.  Also, I couldn’t agree more with this statement: everyone looks better amongst candlelight.

    • I think I’m sick of my coffee table get up, so I’m taking notes from here

    • That’s it, all I want is a farm house, and to soak in this natural light all day errydaaaay, is this too much to ask?

    • Because I’m forever a Swifty & how cute is her house? Minus all the cats.

    Also, I’m sure this is the fiftieth photo of peonies you’ve seen this week, and “they’re back in season” – but I had to capture mine and slap ’em in the collage because they were $14….. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Happy weekend!


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