Hi hi! I’m excited to get back on track with Weekend Moments, and continue to share with you fun things to try, noteworthy recipes or restaurants to explore, and life updates – because all of the best things happen over the weekend. I took a slight hiatus from this segment (and to be honest, a consistent daily post as of late) because I wanted to step away and think about what I want my cadence to look like. I’ve had the opportunity these past few months since solely focusing on BoC to figure out what I want to do with my time, my content, and would love to know what you want to see on here as well! If there’s anything at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Now that I’m back into the groove expect to see more Weekend Notes, Freshly Picked (best style/beauty finds each month), Monthly MoodboardsTravel Notes, and Style Edit.


In other news, the weekend was lovely. We attempted a park picnic yesterday afternoon, but the sunshine out of our window was a bit deceiving! It’s a little tough to enjoy Blue Barn when the lettuce is flying off of your fork every time you attempt to take a bite. I forgot to read the weather forecast fine print – aka the heavy winds! This was a blessing in disguise though because our apartment needed some attention. Our storage, under our bed, and slowly building up in our kitchen – looked a whole lot like Monica Bings secret locked closet. We probably spent 3-4 hours sifting through everything and de-cluttering complete chaos. It feels so good to wake up on a Monday though, with everything in its place. We shall see how long that lasts. 🙂

Late last week we also heard some more news about our puppy. The mom ended up not being able to get pregnant, which was a bummer to hear, but we were able to join a new litter, and we’re so excited to finally know a due date so we can start planning accordingly! Our puppy will be born the first week of July, so we should have him/her by end of August or early September. Gahhhh!

A few other notes from le weekend:

TO TRY | If you haven’t already, you must try Leo’s Oyster Bar if you’re in San Francisco. I recommend this place for tropical cocktails or rosé (Island Girl is my favorite)
TO BUY | I just ordered a couple of Levis from Amazon and I’m obsessed, plus they are a bit cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen them. // I got these and these (I suggest going up a size)
MORE TO COME | With the new freshly organized apartment, and our couch arriving this week – I will be sharing a whole home tour again soon – a lot has changed since The Everygirl feature, moving in a bit of a new direction, and I look forward to sharing!
TO LISTEN | Lastly, I have a new playlist to follow along on Spotify called ‘Weekending’ (username is brunchonchestnut), listening to it now!

I hope you have an inspiring and productive Monday! x
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