A Day in Wine Country

    On Saturday, we drove up to wine country for the day to celebrate LDW. It’s always exciting planning a day trip up there, but we had a game plan that made this trip even more special. Matt and I were apart of a local wine club in SF that sadly closed down, and we had been talking about joining one in Napa. We had a few in mind, but I was most excited about the idea of joining Scribe. On Saturday morning, we drove up to Dean & DeLuca (I always try and go here while I’m up there) to grab lunch and snacks for the day to go, and then made our way over to Peju (Matt’s favorite winery) and had lunch in the garden before our tasting.


    Peju wines were delicious and an excellent way to kick off the sipping spree — we ended up bringing home four bottles. Ohh, wine not? We really enjoyed the setting at Peju and the 80-degree temps. It’s funny that this weekend is technically the last weekend in summer because it truly felt like the first full weekend of sunshine, no wind, and beautiful summer weather for us SF locals. It was a gorgeous day so I will take it. After Peju we headed towards Scribe but made a pit stop in Yountville and decided to do a quick tasting at Hope & Grace, a darling little tasting room. We fell in love with their Malbec and decided to take it home — not usually in my top 3 wine choices, but this was amazing. I recommend stopping by if you’re nearby.

    After our second tasting we headed to Scribe to sit on the hill with a bottle of wine to cap off the day. The setting at Scribe is second to none. Everyone sits perched up on a hill overlooking the vineyard. Upon arrival and check in, you can either do a tasting at a picnic table or buy a bottle of wine (which we decided on). The thoughtful design of their interiors, props they give you (Mexican picnic blankets, metal baskets, with baguette and snacks), and the twinkle lights strung above all of the tables creates an experience that is so lovely and enjoyable. I was telling Matt that it reminds me of being at a wedding. Very rustic, mostly outdoor setting, and picturesque views everywhere you look. We made it official and joined — so so excited to make frequent visits here, I already want to go back. Wine country is always a good idea.

    What did you do this holiday weekend? xx

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    8 September