Holiday { En Route } Travel Essentials

    It’s that time of year where plans and travels seem to be non-stop! Trains, planes, and long drives ahead. These past few years, I’ve continued to try and perfect the art of packing so I put together a little list of all of my go-to en route essentials, especially over the holiday season…

    Safe travels, friends!

    Lip Balm

    Arguably the most important during my travels. Without fail, my lips always get chapped when I’m in transit or swapping climates, so I never leave home without it. The only { and I mean only } lip balm that does the trick on my lips is Carmex. I grew up with the classic yellow and red jar which is always restocked over here but my current go-to is their Comfort Care lip balm in Watermelon Blast. I’m obsessed with this stuff. This particular line is formulated with natural colloidal oatmeal, which smoothes your lips and packs in deep hydration. It also comes in Sugar Plum and Mixed Berry, all three smell amazing.

    { Side note } these also make for the perfect stocking stuffers!


    These are obvious, but over the years I’ve learned the importance of staying hydrated while traveling. I always snag a water bottle at the airport or bring a few on the road. Hydrating your skin is extremely important as well, climate change can have a noticeable impact on your skin. A little hand lotion and an elixir/or light lotion for your complexion while on the go are all crucial.


    Over winter, I always bring carry my scarves with me on trips. Take some space out of your suitcase and they double as a blanket if need be! I also love my silk sleep mask… key on longer flights.

    Reading Material

    A good book and a magazine or two. I feel like I never have time anymore to read a magazine cover to cover, so I love buying a couple to read during flights. Such a luxury!

    Pen and paper

    I always bring a pen and paper with me on trips. There’s nothing that makes me happier in-flight than ordering a glass of wine, opening up my agenda or journal and spending time jotting down ideas, to-do lists, goals, etc.


    I always have my iPad { movie lined up on the TV app }, headphones { a good playlist }, and a deck of cards with me. Time goes by much faster with these options, so they have become a prominent role in my travel kit.

    What’s in your travel bag?

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    • Yes yes yes to the chapped lips and dry skin issue! We fly a lot, and I used to hate that my skin would be dry as a desert when I would land and then I would try to overcompensate that night with extra moisturizer, but now I always keep a rosewater spray on hand that I spritz throughout the flight to prevent getting to that point. My other new favorite thing is using a gold collagen eye patch the night we land because they’re a) super cheap on Amazon, and b) visibly reduce the puffiness around my eyes that always happens after traveling and make me look like a normal person again.

      xo Mary-Katherine